Sims 3 and Sims 3 Cheats

I absolutely love the Sims 3. Heck, I even some of the extension packs. The Sims 3 is a computer game. You basically make your own world and just joke around and do whatever the heck you like. Don’t like your job as a drive through worker? On the Sims you could be president! If you do go out and buy the Sims 3 get the Late Night extension pack with it. Late Night is a heck of a lot fun on the Sims. You can be a vampire, a celebrity, a movie director, or play in a band! I guess it is just a virtual Hollywood. You have to have the Sims 3 to have the Late Night extension pack though. Okay now onto Sims 3 cheats. First you make press shift,ctrl,c and then type in the cheat code. If you want 50,000 simoleans(sim money) type in motherlode. iIf your sim wants to have a child depending on what gender you want the baby eat a watermelon or an apple(apple=boy, watermelon=girl). That is all I know but I will post more as learn more cheats! 🙂

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