Video Games

I am guilty of it.  Playing video games is a pass time most people of all ages enjoy.  Whether it is on a Playstation, WII, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PSP,  or a computer every American has most likely played a video game.  Who blames them?  They are fun and entertaining.  Where is the line drawn though?  How much farther will big video game creators go?  With Xbox Kinect you do not even need a controller!  You are the controller!  Don’t get me wrong I love video games!  I play them all the time!  Some parents think video games are harming the youth.  You know they could be right.  Has anyone proved it?  I don’t know, but some people might know.  I say let kids play it!  Let them face some challenges!  Test their problem solving skills by letting them try to beat that last level.  That is my opinion, tell me yours!

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